only highend - bikeparts


The name says it all!

Precious, individual, unique and just for you ...
What was your Lego box earlier today is your playground at the unique.

Leather smell, clear architecture, intricate simplicity - Your bike belongs to the living room, not in the basement!

Even after the foul mud - SiS2011.

The idea:  

Everything under one roof!
Craft service and the best possible definition question linked to Individual solutions. 

 Whether it comes to art, creativity, impossible or a recipe for cheesecake - we all belong to one big family:  

Homo sapiens sapiens with its natural tendency to curiosity + uniqueness.

Quality and well-being?

Voila, here we are! 
Only highend finished your search for the plates one in the depths of your Lego box, your bike, the kick in your interior, clear, simple - cool!
fancy high quality bike parts for fresh people, especially YOU!

Get it, Mount it, Love It !

have fun.
Alex & Team

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